So, why a raffle instead of a traditional fundraiser?

     A traditional fundraiser may require a potential contributor to give a monetary contribution to “support” the fundraising effort. Unfortunately, the majority of contributors don’t really have a sense of exactly where the money is going and when will they be able to see if their contribution made a difference. This in turn is reflected in the number of people willing to contribute as well as in the amount they are willing to donate. This is actually true of all fundraising efforts. It isn’t that most potential contributors don’t want to give. They do. We may need to demonstrate a greater value for their contribution. Why is a raffle any different?

     This goes back to why a potential contributor would want to give. It is difficult to demonstrate the immediate value in just “supporting” the fundraising effort. However, if you can show a potential to win a prize at the same time as helping a cause, the potential contributor is stimulated on a self giving level as well as a self receiving one. Those contributors that normally would not have given may now see a dual reward. In turn this may pull in a larger number of willing participants.

     Why Benchwarmers? This raffle fundraiser intends to stimulate a potential contributor by demonstrating their contribution will be utilized across several initiatives for their organization, not just one. In addition the raffle will give an immediate return value of entertainment. Here the potential contributor will be able to participate every week in a game with 6 ways to win a prize. This raffle will also give a consistent reward each week to those winners. Benchwarmers ability to return a value back also extended to the organizers of the raffle fundraiser. This is done by profit margin. The overhead in order to run it, is limited to the Internet and volunteer resources giving the organizers a return on their investment that is much higher than traditional fundraisers. Also, the initial setup or startup costs are limited due to its very nature.