The premise of the raffle is built around American football or the NFL. The NFL regular season has 17 weeks in which any number of teams are scheduled to play. Each team will score a number of points every week they play. The Benchwarmers raffle randomly picks 3 teams each week not to repeat the same 3 teams on any given week. Each ticket identifies three teams listed under an assigned week. For the given week that is being played each ticket has a corresponding three team group. For each team identified, the number of points that team scored for that week are added together to present a three team point total. The three team point total is then evaluated against all other tickets then ranked highest score total to the lowest. The results are then weighed against the raffles prizes identified on each ticket.

Each ticket has all 17 weeks and corresponding 3 team groups assigned to each week. Each ticket is randomly generated. Each week’s 3 team grouping is randomly generated. Each purchased ticket is randomly distributed.

Initially the Benchwarmers raffle has two ways to play. The first way is to purchase the randomly assigned ticket with the intent to play every week for 17 weeks. However, the other way to play is to purchase the randomly assigned ticket and identify only the weeks you wish to play. The difference between the two different techniques is simply that if you want to play all 17 weeks your ticket may have a purchase price of $25.00. If you play by identifying the week you want to play your cost is $1.00 for each week chosen unless it is week 16 or 17, in which case those two weeks are $5.00 a piece. Note: if you add up each week plus week 16 & 17 at $5.00 the total cost is $25.00. If the potential contributor wants to identify the weeks they would like to play, they HAVE to identify ALL the weeks at the time of purchase. Meaning they cannot purchase a ticket and identify they would like to play week 1 then come back to pay to play week 7 or any combination thereafter. If they want to play an additional week they would be given a new ticket for that week and any other week going forward they wish to play. The reasoning behind this is that if they know ahead of time what teams may be favorable then they would have an unfair advantage over the contributor who purchase all 17 weeks up front. Typically the Benchwarmers raffle is presented as a purchase all 17 weeks up front for one price. The more complexity you introduce to a product or service the more apprehensive a potential contributor becomes. This follows the sales technique of KISS (Keep it short and simple). The option to only play those weeks identified are still available, just upon contributor request.

The Rules

The contest rules are as follows:
  1. Your ticket is valid for the 17 weeks of the regular NLF season.
  2. Each ticket has 3 teams each week. The team scores are added together to determine winners.
  3. In case of ties, prizes will be combined and split.
      Example: If there is a 3 way tie for First then they split 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize payouts.
      The second highest score now gets the 4th place prize, and third highest gets the 5th prize.
  4. Winners will be automatically notified.
  5. No other ticket has the same teams as this one.
  6. Teams not playing a given week will be assigned the previous week’s score.
  7. Ticket purchasers are not allowed to preview ticket combinations.
  8. Each week is considered an independent raffle. You are not required to purchase the entire packet of seventeen weeks. Anyone wishing to purchase partial packets MUST contact the organization they purchased from directly for details.
  9. The organization running the program decisions are final.
Rule addendum: In the event of a player – owner labor dispute that threatens an NFL season in part or whole, the following procedure will be applied in addition to the previous 9 rules. If the NFL has determined there would be “Replacement” players in lieu of the disputing players in order fulfill a team’s roster and schedule, any game those players fulfill will be considered as “Normal” seasonal play, thus counted towards your 3 team total for that week. BYE weeks will also be counted as “Normal” seasonal play and thus counted towards your 3 team total as identified in rule number 6.
    Refund Elligability
  • In a 17 game season if less than 13 games are played including BYE week.
  • In a 18 game season if less than 14 games are played including BYE week.
  • If a team does not play a scheduled game due directly to the player – owner dispute.
  • Ticket is eligible to receive a refund of $1.00 for each week not played.
  • All refunds will be paid at the end of the season.
  • Communication of refunds and distribution will be managed by the organization running the program.