The packages below are based on the "Examples" link on your left. The packages reflect ticket cost of $25.00.

You can customize your prize amounts and number of prizes awarded. In addtion you can also determine the price point for each ticket. This will allow you to maximize your return.

For example: If you set your number of prizes awarded to 4 and the price points as follows:

  • First: $150.00
  • Second: $75.00
  • Third: $50.00
  • Fourth: $25.00

Then the total prize payout for your program is only $5,100.00

You are responsible to award the prize directly to the contributor who purchased the ticket. Benchwarmers will provide you with a website to enter in your contributors information. After all the games for that week have completed Benchwarmers will post your winning results to your web page.

In Iowa, in order to participate in the Benchwarmers fundraiser program your organization must be a non-profit or be operating under a tax filing status of 501(c)(3). In addition, your organization needs to carry a "Social Gambling Licenses". A two year license would cost between $100.00 and $150.00. The Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals manages the application process.

Please refer to https://dia.iowa.gov/scg/index.php or call (515) 281-6848.

They only handle gambling in Iowa. If your organization operates in a different state, please inquire with in your state's legislation about licensing and regulations or contact us and we work with you in identifying any state regulations you may be subject to.

For further rules see Raffle Rules.


Perfect for a limited budget

Cost $400.00

Number of Tickets: 620

Revenue Potential: $15,500


Keep costs low while increasing revenue
Cost $800.00

Number of Tickets: 1240

Revenue Potential: $31,000


Ideal to maximize your return on investment
Cost $1600.00

Number of Tickets: 2480

Revenue Potential: $62,000


Boost Your Investment Returns

Cost $2400.00

Number of Tickets: 3720

Revenue Potential: $93,000


Gain the highest level of return

Cost $3200.00

Number of Tickets: 4960

Revenue Potential: $124,000

To Subscribe please fill out the Contact Us Form identifing the package you are interested in and any questions you may have.